One + One

November 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

“It’s an illusion to pretend that we can bridge the gap between your thoughts and mine. For you, every person is like a planet and two different planets can never become one. Two people together will always be: one plus one. I preferred to think of us as bubbles, because when they touch, they merge into one another. But now I know what you meant. Two people together will always be one plus one.”

Reading those words was like reading my own. As my eyes shifted from left to right, then back again, I felt exposed. Her words, connected to my thoughts by a similar experience, held a significant weight. Lately, it seems like everyone wants in – to pry, pick, and prod. We spend our whole lives learning how to protect ourselves, each building walls to an invisible fortress, uniquely our own. The thing is, the whole point, is that no one is invited in. Not then, not now, not ever. Yet somehow, we all secretly wish for a certain someone to breach those walls, fully knowing the damage they’ll likely cause, once they do, if they do.

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