A New Appreciation

February 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

January 15th:

In a country of 1.2 billion, it’s hard to imagine that one might feel lonely, but there are moments here, when it’s difficult to feel anything but. Just like everything in life, traveling alone has its positives and negatives. The beauty is that you’re far removed from your comfort zone, which is challenging, but strengthening in the long run. When you wake, there’s only you to decide where to go, and what to do. Everything rests in your hands. In some ways, that temporary independence is exciting – maybe even inspiring – but it comes at a price, for there is always a trade off.

There are moments when you wish for someone to lean on, to laugh with, or to simply say, “Did you see that!?!” And when time passes, and things become hazy, you can help each other fill in the blanks and keep the memories alive.

This time around, traveling holds a new meaning, for I’m no longer searching, reaching, or running. I love my life. I’m simply here to see and experience, and hopefully through that, I’ll grow in some way, and return feeling more in tune with myself and the big, wide world we live in.

After all this time, I finally have the answer to my question: where is home? Home is with the person sound asleep on northeast tenth. Inside that corner apartment, we cook each other meals, finished each others sentences, and come up with silly handshakes. He reads me stories, while I pack him lunches, and we often leave notes in pockets and purses.

While we haven’t always treated each other the way we should, we do now, and that’s all that matters. I couldn’t possibly be happier, and it’s a beautiful thing to know that it’s shared.

Traveling is wonderful, but what awaits me at home is even more so…



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